The definition and understanding of the roots of plants are part of plants that are below ground level and is a very important for plants because it functions not only as a buffer and a founding upright stems but also for absorption of water and nutrients.

In the cultivation of forest treatments silviculture should be based on the properties of the roots, because the studies related to the rooting is not an easy thing to do.

The properties of the roots of the trees varies from type to type, from individual to individual in the same type, and even on different roots in the same individual. Root growth extends laterally commonly associated with growing conditions, while the direction of root growth is influenced by the genetic traits.

The point of view of silviculture , the dynamics of the roots is very important due to the absorption of water and nutrients depends on the ability of roots to grow. In the process of germination, root principal emerged and elongated rapidly, as supply of energy and nutrients in the seeds.
Furthermore, the growth rate decreased root and depending on soil conditions. Root development is closely related to soil fertility, the more fertile the soil, the better development of roots.


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