PEOPLE USE SEEDS | Seeds serve as a major source of food

Seeds serve as a major source of food for millions of people throughout the world. The seeds of cereal grains, including corn, oats, rice, and wheat, are used in making many food products, such as bread, breakfast cereals, and flour. The seeds of plants called legumes, which include beans, peas, and peanuts, are also important sources of nourishment.

Vegetable oils used in cooking are obtained from the seeds of such plants as corn, peanuts, soybeans, and sunflowers. In addition, manufacturers use these oils in making margarine, salad oil, and shortening. Such flavorings and spices as dill, mustard, and pepper are obtained from seeds, and seeds are used in producing beer, coffee, cocoa, and other beverages.

Seeds are also used in the manufacture of many nonfood products. Seed oils are a major ingredient in deter-

gents, soaps, paints, and varnishes. Cornstarch from the endosperm of the corn seed is used in making adhesives, explosives, and other products. Most livestock feed includes the seeds of corn, oats, and other grains. Some seeds, including those of the belladonna and castor-oil plants, provide substances used in medicines.
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