Felling of tress to success Gerhan On Indonesia

Currently Indonesia loses about 1.6 - 2 million hectares of forest every year. The scale and rate of deforestation of this magnitude is unprecedented. Recent survey and the results can be accounted for on Indonesia's forest cover predicted, that the forests of lowland Dipterocarpaceae will disappear from Sumatra and Kalimantan by 2010 if current trends continue unchecked (Holmes, 2000).
Forest destruction in Indonesia that reaches approximately 2 million hectares per year resulting in a loss of about Rp 83 billion per day or Rp 30.3 trillion per year.

 forest fuels
Land Clearing by Burning

So Gerhan Project seeks to reduce the amount of degraded forest area. But if there is an understanding that Gerhan is just a tree planting project then this happens, people cut down forests and clearing land for Gerhan project forward.  In terms of planting and maintenance projects may be successful but the degraded forest area to be increased rather than diminished.

Things are even worse land-clearing activities carried out by clearing and burning. Land to be losing nutrients, especially nitrogen because nitrogen is an element that is flammable. Soil microorganisms can not survive so the process of decay and nutrient turnover become inhibited. The bacteria are symbiotic with the roots of plants to enrich the soil becomes dead. Fungi are beneficial for plant growth such as mikorhiza lost and gone. Plus the increased surface erosion due to loss of vegetation cover on the soil surface. Next>>>

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