Advantages Volcano

Although volcanic eruptions can cause casualties and property but there are some advantages in the presence of volcanoes, among others:
  1. Volcanic ash released during volcanic eruptions (eruption) can fertilize agricultural lands because many contain plant nutrients.
  2. The material incurred during a volcanic eruption in the form of sand, gravel, large rocks, all of which are industrial minerals that can be used for building materials.
  3. Magma toward the surface of the earth's carrying a lot of metallic minerals, and other minerals. Oleh karena itu di daerah pegunungan dan gunung api banyak ditemukan bahan tambang. Therefore, in the mountains and volcanoes are common minerals.
  4. The existence of high volcanoes cause orographic rain, so that the area be an area that a lot of rain.
  5. Mountainous areas is usually an area of ​​high fire, so it can be used as an area of ​​forest, plantation and tourism areas.

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